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April 2019

District Beaver Quiz

Our District Beaver Scavenger hunt took place on Friday 29th March at Valley Playing Fields. We had Beavers from seven colonies in the District, 1st Ballyclare, 1st Ballynure, 4th CarrickFergus, 1st Cloughfern, 1st Greenisland, 1st Islandmagee and 1st Whitehouse.
When we arrived, we still had a bit of light, but it got dark very quickly, this didn’t deter the seventy-six Beavers who were eager to get searching for all the letters and items!
There hard work was rewarded with a hotdog and drink once they were finished!
It was good to see our newest colony 1st Ballynure attend the event.
Thank you to everyone who helped me out at the scavenger hunt! See pictures below.
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Our next event is Beaver sleepover on the 17th May. Emails have already been sent regarding this. If you wish your colony to attend Beaver sleepover please let me know by 21st April, after which I will send you more information.

ADC Beavers

Previous Beaver Events

Beavers at W5.

Three Beaver Colonies from the District, 1st Ballyclare, 1st Islandmagee and 1st Whitehouse attended the first Beaver District event of the year....a day in W5.
An enthusiastic group of Beavers explored, questioned and had a lot of fun on every floor of W5.
All leaders were kept on their toes! We were mentally and physically exhausted by home time!
A good time was had by all.
here for some photographs from the event.