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May/June 2019

District Beaver Sleepover

sleepover.JPG - 80Kb Five colonies 5th Carrickfergus, 1st Greenisland, 1st Islandmagee, 1st Whitehead, 1st Whitehouse made their way to Crawfordsburn Scout Centre on Friday 17th May for District Beaver sleepover.

The weather held out for us to get tents pitched and settled. We then headed to the country park to make our fairy dens, made with everything natural, found in the outdoors.

As tiredness started to set in with both Beavers and Leaders it was time to head back for our supper, campfire and bedtime story.

On Saturday, after a late night and early morning we had a few games after breakfast before heading to Beaver Rally day.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

Enjoy your summer break!

ADC Beavers