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SE Antrim Cub Scout Centenary Camp 2016
[image 1/blanket1r/jpg]

Badge sewing onto camp blanket which every Cub received.

[image 2/campfire17r/jpg]

Practising for the campfire.

[image 3/CampFire1r/JPG]

Campfire view.

[image 4/firelighting1r/JPG]

Cubs trying firelighting.

[image 5/grandHowl3r/jpg]

Some totem poles from the opening ceremony.

[image 6/hoops1r/jpg]

Some action from a circle hoop game.

[image 7/kilbride1r/JPG]

Badges were swapped at the Sunday charity fair.

[image 8/opening1r/jpg]

One view of the opening ceremony.

[image 9/pioneer1r/jpg]

All Cubs had a go at pioneering and knot tying.

[image 10/totempole6r/jpg]

Some more totem poles from the opening ceremony.

[image 11/Whitehead1r/JPG]

Aunt Sally action from the Sunday Charity Fair!

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