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3rd Jordanstown - 87th Belfast (Belfast High School)
3rd Jordanstown or as it was known then 87th Belfast started at the end of the WW2 in September 1945. The first Scoutmaster was Mr. A. Hunter assisted by Mr. N. Heaney and from then until it closed was supported and sponsored by Belfast High School.

It started with three patrols; Eagles, Swift and Seagull and a total of 18 scouts, shortly followed by Kingfisher in September 1946 when the numbers had reached 26. The original PLs were Jim Graham, Raymond Porte, Harry Thompson and Tom McKeown. (Whatever became of them?)
1946 saw the Troop embark on its first camp, Easter at Saintfield followed by a summer camp at Crom Castle. Numbers grew until in 1952 it was decider to start a Senior Scout Patrol (Senior Scouts were aged 15 – 18 and wore maroon epaulettes and berets). This patrol was called Scotts.

Around the same time the troop started to camp outside Ireland; 1951 – Scarborough and 1953 - Switzerland. This was the start of many camps to the continent and by 1954 the troop had a new Scoutmaster, Mr. G. R. Murphy who also had the honour of being the leader of the N.I. contingent to the 4th World Leaders Indaba in Holland.

In the sixties Belfast High School moved to it’s present site on the Shore road and in 1964 and the Troop changed it’s allegiance from Belfast and being called the 87th to South East Antrim and became 3rd Jordanstown.
1965 with the Troop being strong enough, two summer camps were organised; the Scouts went to Mourne Park while the Senior Scouts went to Europe. 1966 was the year of the ‘Advance Party Report’ (and with it the demise of short trousers for Scouts).

During this time Mr. N. Heaney retired as Scoutmaster and Mr. R. McKittrick became Scout Leader (Scoutmasters became extinct in 1966 along with Senior Scouts and Rover Scouts)

Venture Scouts were started in 1968 with 11 members. The Troop continued to operate with success but eventually suffered with numbers as, due to the change in age regulations boys were now joining school in 1st form already members of different Scout Troops. The Troop continued until the early 1990s but from then it was decided to operate as a Venture Unit only. The Unit had considerable success and became in many ways an unofficial District Unit, drawing members from all along the Shore Road corridor.

The Unit has been overseen by a variety of leaders, the most recent being Julian Halligan and the Branaghs, Andrew, Katie and Mark. The Unit continued to help the members gain success and develop as young adults; Queen Scout Awards were still being gained until the most recent development in the Scout Movement i.e. Venture Units being closed to be replaced by Explorer and Network Scouts.

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