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Scouting Comes to Ballygally

On the 10th September 2015 the first Scout Group in Ballygally opened with six Beavers, and by the end of the month had increased in numbers to 9 boys and girls from both sides of the community.

The Group meets in the Ballygally Community Hall with Beavers at 5pm on Thursdays, and, when Cubs begin, they will meet at 6pm.

This Group began as a result of local demand and we hope that it will grow from strength to strength.

As this is a completely new Group, we had the very pleasant task of choosing a Group scarf which would not duplicate that of any of the other 26 currently registered to the District. We came up with the idea of making the main colour gold to remind us of the sandy beach in the village, a border of royal blue to represent the sea, a white border to remind us of the limestone on the coast and a green one for the hills bordering the village. The result is quite a distinctive scarf and is meaningful to all who are involved in the Group.
scarf1.jpg - 13Kb

Our first investiture took place on 24th September, and four more Kits were invested as Beavers on 1st October. We hope that this new Colony will be a worthwhile introduction to Scouting in Ballygally.

Caragh Reid
Acting GSL.