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History of Scouting in South East Antrim

As part of the centenary of Scouting in 2007 we asked all Groups to write up their history
in South East Antrim District. We hope to add to this list.

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History of Groups
1st Ballyclare 1st Monkstown 3rd Jordanstown1st Greenisland
1st Islandmagee 1st Jordanstown 1st Kilbride..
1st Carrickfergus 1st Cloughfern 4th Carrickfergus1st Ballygalley.

Why 'Greenseas'?

Some background

'Greenseas', as the magazine is named, first appeared in 1970 and has now reached edition number 355 (September 2007).
Why Greenseas? Well, the first edition ran a competition to provide a name for the newsheet.

It came up with 'Greenseas' - Why, and I quote from magazine Number 2 - 'White Jumbo Green Seas'

White Whiteabbey, Whitehouse, Whitehead.
Jumbo - so you don't forget.
JUMBO - the consonants supply Jordanstown, Monkstown and Mossley and Ballyclare
Green - Scouting green of course
GReeN also Greenisland, Rathcoole and Newtownabbey
SEAS - South East Antrim Sagacity 9 (presumably referring to content)
Also 2 'C's Carrickfergus and Cloughfern.

Anyway it evolved, quite quickly, into Green Seas and has remained so ever since.
The first editions were produced on a Banda machine which was essentially a carbon copy machine. It progressed to a Gestetner machine - an ink duplicator of which some of you might have heard. This made providing illustrations rather restrictive. Now, it is produced on computer being duplicated on a combination of photocopier and Risograph - a slicker version of a gestetner machine. Still producing photographs was not easy. Since 1998 it has also appeared on the Internet. (See below) Worth a look. The website carries a backcopies section and includes any other useful current information - forms etc. Photographs of District events will soon be making an appearance.

Format has varied from A5 to A4 and back to A5. There have even been foolscap editions. How many still use that format? Usually it is either 8 or more normally 12 pages stapled. In April 2010 Greenseas will be 40 years old.

Copies are essentially black and white sometimes on coloured paper although it has now reverted to white paper which is cheaper. Greenseas produced a first coloured cover for the January 2000 - millennium edition. This involved two leaders printing 130 individual covers on two coloured printers. Quite and achievement in 2000.
Some years ago the District purchased a colour laser printer. Initially the cover was always in colour.
Photographs were rendered in colour. With the onset of the Scoutings Centenary the magazine has become larger, frequently 16 pages.
More photographs are being included and where possible colour is used extensively.

Any comments or suggestions email the editor.
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