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Aims and Objectives.

I was reading an item of news recently; it was about some young people. The person in charge of the young people was talking to them and their parents. During the address he said “. . . this fits with our aim of developing:
Teamwork Camaraderie and Mutual Support
Along with our Core Values of:

Respect for others

I thought “Those words are familiar?”
Can you guess who those young people were? They were not Scouts but the Aims and Core Values are so similar to our Aims, Promise and Laws.

The young people were Royal Navy recruits at their Passing Out Parade and the comments were made by the CO of the Training Depot. He had found out that the recruits had got together and provided the funds for the mother one of their colleagues to fly from Trinidad to Portsmouth for the Passing Out Parade. They did this when word got out that the family could not afford to attend and, that that recruit, would be the only one not to have any family seeing him at his Passing Out Parade.

I then thought, “If those Aims & Core Values are good enough for the Royal Navy then The Scout Movement can’t be too far wrong”
Do you think the Royal Navy thought “That Scout Movement has some good ideas”?