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October 2018
Number 439


On page 5 of this edition is a tribute/obituary to Margaret Chambers who passed away recently.
Many of you will probably never heard of Margaret but if you read the tribute she was heavily involved and influential in South East District and Northern Ireland Scouting over many years. At the funeral service, District Chaplain, Mark Taylor, who knew Margaret well, described her as a Scouter who did things properly.
To those who knew her this was very true.

In the Scouting climate of the 21st Century Margaret would have been perplexed a little I think?
My Sunday newspaper included an article on Bear Grylls, used a photograph of him stripped to the waist.

Such a thing passes without comment today when you bear in mind the Chief Scout’s main line of work.
What was proper in Margaret's time and is proper today will surely be a different proper in 25 years time.
All (younger) Scouters reading this will be much older 25 years down the line.


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