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February 2018

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District Charity - Shelterbox.

Nicola Hinds, the lady from Shelterbox, who addressed us at the ‘District Leaders Meeting’ in Whitehouse has provided this update for SE leaders.

Please contact the two Rotarians, Jim and Sam, if you are holding some sort of event as a charity fund raiser. I know of one church in Co. Down who arranged for an address at the Morning Service and had the Shelterbox at the door for a retiring collection. The contact email is:
I don’t know just what Jim and Sam will do for you but I suppose speaking to the Scouts (whatever age group) and parents and showing what a Shelterbox really is would be part of it.
I’ve been trying to think of some challenges to put to the Scouts for which they could collect sponsorship. What about - Going 50 hours without mains electricity. Solar power only. . . or . . . Sleeping for a week with only one blanket (in their own home) . . . Could some older Explorer Scouts / Young Leaders live in a tent for - say - all of December?
I think Nicola left a Demo Shelterbox for the Groups in the District to use for promotional/fundraising purposes and I think the Islandmagee Group agreed to mind it. . . . if I’ve got that wrong I’m sure Anne will correct me.
If you have had a good fundraising idea for Shelterbox, please share it around the District. Something in - say Monkstown - can easily be repeated in - say Whitehead or Larne.

Over the past few years the District has put together a number of photograph display boards and recruitment posters used in ‘Promotions’ around the District, in Supermarkets, Leisure Centres, one school and the Shoreline Festival.
It seems a shame that they spend most of their life hidden away in my garage.
If your Group is thinking of having:

A local promotion event
Putting on a ‘Parents’ Night’
An event to raise funds for the District charity, ‘Shelterbox’.
Maybe the Church or school / community hall you use is having ‘a do’ or whatever, to which the Scout Group is expected to contribute.

Think about the photograph display boards and if they would be of help.
The photographs are of activities undertaken by Scouts of all ages from various Groups in S. E. Antrim District (not all recent photographs but all true activities) while the posters are from the Print Centre (Scoutbase) – eg the Chief Scout and others suggesting that volunteering is a good thing to do.

The boards are not heavy and can be carried easily by one person and fit into a car. If you also need stands it would be better to phone me as they are a little more difficult to transport.
Contact me to arrange collection and return dates and times.

Charlie Moore
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